Aluminum Wing Kit--Aluminum Spars/Wood Ribs

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Product Description

The Wing Kit is an ideal starting point for customers who want step into aircraft kit construction without committing to the entire project upfront.

The aluminum version includes aluminum spars and wood ribs.

Here's an itemized list of what you get:

a) 4 ALUMINUM wing spars. The load carrying part of the wing.

b) 10 Wood Ribs. 5 used on each wing. They slip over the spars and are glued in place. The glue acts as a corrosion barrier in the area of the glue joint.

c) 4 Birch CNC cut wooden ribs (used as end cap ribs on wing). These work better than aluminum for end caps, due to the ease of fabric attachment. They should be epoxied or stained or painted, so they will last a long time.

d) 0.75" x 0.035" 6061-T6 aluminum tubing, used as sail/anti-sail braces. You cut them to length and crimp the ends of them in a vise (using blocks of wood).

e) 2 push-pull cables. They go to the flaperons and thread out the wing, for routing to the aircraft controls. (Flaperons are NOT included.)

f) 4 Lift Strut Tubing Reinforcement Sleeves. These replace the machined fittings used on the Carbon Fiber wing.

g) 10 pieces of a 10" x 0.5" x .025" 6061-T6 aluminum straps, used for attaching ribs to front spar. Two rivets attach to the bottom of the rib, the strap rolls around the front of the spar, then two rivets on the top of the rib.

h) 6 pieces of 6061-T6 right angle aluminum, for flaperon atachment. These bolt to the ribs, and also accept the flaperons, when you install them later.

i) 36 false ribs, constructed of CNC cut plywood. These slip through the 'false rib spar', which is 0.5" aluminum tubing. They are then glued in place.

j) 4 root spar doublers (2.75" x 0.125 wall x 1.50" length). These slip over the root of each tube, and are epoxied and riveted in place. The epoxy is non-structural, and acts as permanent anti-vibration spacer.

k) Plastic pitot tubing line, runs from pitot tube to your airspeed indicator.

l) Bent aluminum pitot tube (straight pitot tube also available, just ask).

m) left and right machined 6061-T6 flaperon dropper brackets. They bolt to a rib.

n) 5 various aluminum trim pieces (0.016" 6061T6). These go around flaperon cable exit points, etc.

o) 4 CNC cut 6061-T6 jury strut attachment fittings. These attach to the front and rear spars using rivets.

p) 6 0.75" square x 0.035" 6061T6 hard point attachment tubes (for sail/anti-sail attachment). These rivet to the aluminum ribs, and bolt to the sail / anti-sail tubes.

q) 6 trim pieces for flaperon right angle trim (0.016" 6061T6). These go around the right angle pieces.

r) 24+ feet of prebent trailing edge aluminum. These rivet to each rib.

s) 24 feet of 0.50" x 0.035" 6061T6 aluminum tubing, for false rib spars. These slip through all the ribs and false ribs.

t) Blue print for wing. Accurate measurements for the entire wing.

u) Several bags of hardware, with all rivets, AN nuts, bolts & washers.

This is EVERYTHING you need to build two wings, with the exception of glue, fabric, flaperons and tools.

Crating on a wing kit is $150.

Truck delivery to your location is by quotation. Let us know where you are and we'll get a quote to you right away!

For a complete description, with many, many pictures, of how to build a carbon fiber version of this wing go to:

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