Belite Electronics

Belite Electronics
Belite continues its innovation in affordable, lightweight avionics. Belite expands its avionics into the digital realm bringing even more precise measurement that packs even more critical information in small designs.

NEW LIQUID LEVEL FUEL PROBE SYSTEM! Imagine a fuel probe that doesn't have any moving parts, and doesn't intrude any appreciable distance into the tank. It just sits in a corner of the tank and tells the pilot how much fuel it detects in the tank. Sound impossible? Itís not. Beliteís fuel probe works exactly as described, providing a continuous indication of the fuel level in the tank.

NEW ANGLE OF ATTACK! Beliteís improved Angle of Attack sensor and display gauge provides immediate feedback as to the angle of attack. Calibrated from 0 to 12 (normal cruise to imminent stall), it features a frictionless mass balanced windvane sensor, combined with a brilliant LED display which is readable in direct sunlight.

NEW AERODYNAMIC LIGHTWEIGHT PITOT TUBE! Belite Aircraft is now offering an aerodynamic non-heated pitot tube designed for experimental, light sport (with manufacturer approval) and ultralight aircraft applications. This new pitot Tube is lighter than any other similar product in the market because it is manufactured out of ABS plastic and subsequently stiffened with an internal aluminum liner. The unit then receives a coat of UV resistant paint.

NEW UNIVERSAL LED FUEL GAUGE! Belite's new Universal Fuel Gauge design was driven by customer request. It can be calibrated to any type or style of fuel probe, including resisitive and capacitive. Weíve made it substantially brighter and added in three ranges of LED colors (green, yellow, red), all while keeping it affordable.

NEW MULTI FUNCTION INSTRUMENT! Belite Electronics announces a new Air Speed Indicator with an extra large format display. The unit also includes other optional functions: Turn Rate Indicator, Inclinometer, Vertical Speed and Alarm Status. The unitís design is modular, allowing the user to select options.

NEW DIGITAL ALTIMETER/VERTICAL SPEED INDICATOR WITH LCD DISPLAY! Belite now offers a combined altimeter and vertical speed indicator with an easy to read digital LCD display.

DUAL FUNCTION INSTRUMENTS! Digital capabilities allow dual functions on the same instrument such as an Air Speed Indicator paired with a Vertical Speed Indicator or an Above Ground altimeter. Or a Vertical Speed Indicator paired with an Above Ground Altimeter, or Dual Fuel Gauges, Positive and Negative G Meter and dual CHT/EGT gauges.

Instruments weigh as little as Ĺ ounce (15 grams), and a full panel can weigh substantially less than one pound. Installation is straight-forward, fitting easily into instrument panels of homebuilt and ultralight aircraft.

They're designed to easily fit into instrument panels of homebuilt aircraft. Installation is straight-forward and many of the instruments are available in portable enclosures which can be carried in the pilot's flight bag.

Many are offered in 3 verisons: 1.75" square bezel and 2.25" round bezel. Some are available in the 3"x2"x1" portable version with a 9v battery.

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