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Radiant Technology

Fuel Probe System

fuel-probe-system-9.jpgBelite Updates Fuel Probe Design to offer greater accuracy

Belite's fuel probe system measures the quantity of fuel in tank by ascertaining the weight of the fuel column.  First introduced nearly 3 years ago, the product has proven popular in a variety of fuel system implementations.
"We are now offering fuel sensors with a scale accuracy of 0.5%", said James Wiebe, CEO of Belite.  "Our prior sensors had an accuracy of 1.0%.  We've also improved the accuracy of the fuel probe controller." (Probe accuracy is one component of total system accuracy. Contact us with questions.)
The probe systems are ideal for fuel measurements with deeper tanks (> 12") where capacitive and resistive probes are problematic.  They are offered with a 1/8 NPT fitting, and a 1/4 NPT adapter is optional ($5.00).
The Belite liquid level / fuel probe system is designed to sense fuel or liquid level of any type and provide an electrical indication to instrumentation along a range of 0 to 5 volts. The unit is not TSO’d or PMA’d. Use only in appropriate aircraft as a backup to certified instruments and pilot calculations. Ideal for monitoring level of liquid in many other applications, such as agricultural spraying. Patent pending.

The Fuel probe System work with any of our LED or RADIANT Fuel Gauges.

The System without computer works only with our RADIANT LIQUID LEVEL FUEL GAUGE.


transducer-on-red-can-lo-res.jpgNEW ULTRASONIC FUEL PROBE attaches outside the fuel tank!

RADIANT Technology’s latest fuel probe technology uses ultrasound to measure the height of fluid within virtually any enclosure.  This non-invasive, non-contact technology eases installation while providing a fuel level signal which is transmitted via a serial link to the fuel gauge.  The entire unit is contained within a small puck which measures slightly over 1" in diameter.

The new technology is not expensive, priced at $99.95 per sensor.  Radiant is simultaneously introducing a Radiant Fuel Gauge (digital) which accepts the sensor input and provides a fuel level indication on one or two tanks to the pilot.

EFIS integration is possible but would require EFIS vendor support to read the digital serial channel.

A controller module is separately available which converts the digital value into a more conventional 0 to 5 volt linear output.  This output is compatible with all EFIS units and many standalone gauges. "This is a different, better way to measure fuel," said James Wiebe, CEO of Radiant.  "It allows fuel measurement without going inside the tank.  It keeps the measured value in the digital domain, which reduces system error budgets."

To ensure universal compatibility, a separate controller is also available which converts the digital signal to classic 0 - 5 volt output.


  • Non intrusive, non contact fuel measurement
  • Works with any metal, plastic, fiberglass fuel tank
  • Small size
  • Very accurate
  • Works with any type of liquid
  • Designed for direct digital interface to Radiant Fuel Gauge (digital input)
  • Easy Installation
  • Optional five point calibration with five volt output available
  • Minimal dead zone – 2 inches of fuel in the tank.  Dead zone varies by material and installation.
  • LED on puck indicates presence or absence of detected fuel