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Belite Aircraft

Fuel/Water Discriminator

water-fuel-discriminator-web.jpgInnovative Safety Enhancing Fuel / Water Discriminator

Groundbreaking new product instantly detects presence or absence of fuel; Indicates if water is detected.

The FAA has long warned:  "Water contamination of aircraft fuel systems has been and remains a major cause of aircraft engine power failure." (AC43-16, Alert 123)

Belite RADIANT Technology has released a product that reduces this scenario.

The new RADIANT Fuel / Water detector will instantly tell the pilot or vehicle operator if the fuel line is empty or if liquid water is detected in the fuel line. This innovative product is based on patent pending technology and is installed in the fuel line. It increases pilot safety by alerting a pilot to switch tanks in the event of fuel exhaustion on one tank and also provides a positive and immediate indication if liquid water is present in the fuel line.

The product is easily installed through the use of standard tubing barb adapters.  It requires a power source and has two output lines.  One line is active when normal fuel (for instance, MoGas or 100LL) is present in the line.  This line reverts to inactive if fuel is no longer detected in the line.  The second line only becomes active when water is detected.  A typical panel installation will have 3 lighted indicators for each fuel discriminator:  Presence of Fuel (green LED); Absence of Fuel (red LED); Presence of Water (red LED). Belite offers a prebuilt indicator display head for ease of installation.fwd-face-1-optimized.jpg

The liquid never comes into physical contact with any sensors, which helps provide additional safety to the installation.  The fuel sampling tube within the device is built from a material which is impervious to most known liquids and is designed to withstand temperatures from -100 to +400 degrees fahrenheit (-70 to 200C), with a maximum pressure of 300 psi (20 bar) at 72 degrees (22C).  The normal operating range of the product is -20C to +50C. The product carries a one year warranty, but is expected to last indefinitely in normal usage, requiring no maintenance.

 Another version of the product without the water detection feature is useful for operators who simply wish to be alerted when a fuel line runs dry.

Fuel/Water Discriminator Display Head