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Radiant Technology

RADIANT DUAL OR SINGLE FUEL GAUGE for Capacitance Fuel Senders


RADIANT DUAL OR SINGLE FUEL GAUGE for Capacitance Fuel Senders


Product Description

For CAPACITANCE fuel senders or 0-5 volt input. Fuel trend feature shows when you will run out of fuel. Works with one or two tanks.



Belite’s new RADIANT instrument line combines many functions into simple, small, lightweight units. The new instruments utilize sunlight readable full color high contrast LCD screens which are manualgraphic.pngalso friendly with sunglasses.  Most of these new units feature a Belite crafted feature: persistence.  This features displays the last history of the information. For example, the last 30 minutes of fuel level information is shown graphically along with the current fuel level.  This provides the pilot with the ability to look at information on the display screens and make better informed decisions, as opposed to the lack of history provided by traditional steam gauge .


The New RADIANT Single or Dual Tank Fuel Gauge from Belite shows current contents of one or two tanks and the system voltage. Optional Fuel Flow. Works with: float probes, capacitive probes, also Belite fuel probes. Shows fuel consumption trend from two tanks over the last 30 minutes. 

 rfga-improved-screen-optimized.jpgThe picture shows a full left tank and a right tank that has steadily been draining over the last 30 minutes. Voltage is 10.8 volts.

 * Direct sunlight readable (this display is *bright*.) Display is friendly with sunglasses, even polarized sunglasses.

 *  Single or dual fuel  tank display, featuring a visual history of the last 30 minutes of fuel level in each tank.  Optional is a digital fuel flow sensor, which adds real time fuel flow information.

All instruments are designed for a standard 2.25” cutout, and use approximately 100milliamps of power from a supply of 8 to 14 volts.  All instruments are dimmable.    

Three versions are available for use with different fuel senders:

* RADIANT FUEL GAUGE for Belite Liquid Level Fuel Probe. Our Liquid Level Fuel Probe is most compatible with this gauge, but the computer module is not required. When you click to buy this gauge, you will be offered the Liquid Level Fuel Probe without computer.

 *RADIANT FUEL GAUGE for CAPACITANCE FUEL SENDERS. Our new EASILY BENDABLE CAPACITANCE FUEL PROBE is a great choice for this fuel gauge. When you click to buy this fuel gauge, you'll see our choices of CAPACITANCE FUEL PROBES.

 *RADIANT FUEL GAUGE FOR RESISTIVE OR FLOAT BASED SENDER. Virtually any resistive sender will work with this gauge.


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